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Artist (Rapper), Songwriter 

Carlito is a rapper and lyricist, from Chicago, who spits to inspire and about his truth. The truth about what he's been through, how he grew up, and what he believes. During his childhood, Lito always loved sports and music. He grew up on the wrestling team, playing basketball, and on the football team--but his real passion was music. He fell in love with music at an early age because of his father, who used to play rap music almost every time they got into the car. He introduced Lito to many rappers, such as Outkast, Jay Z, Nas, etc. As a result, Carlito found these rappers very intriguing. It was the way they spoke about what they've been through that made it relatable to him. This influenced him to finally start rapping in the 8th grade. By the time he got to high school, he knew this was what he wanted to do: Rap about his relatable truth and help change lives!

Carlito's influences include Nas, Eminem, Mos Def, OutKast, Twista.

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"Lito12fo12" Single Releases

Carlito Rolling Cover Final (2019 S.N.B.
Carlito Zoo Cover tkYL (2019 S.N.B.JR. R
Carlito How U Feel Cover (2019 S.N.B.JR.
Pop, Lock, Drop It Cover 2 tkYL_20190726
Carlito Difference 2.1 JPG tkYL.jpg
Help tkYL.png
Water Carlito jpg tkYL.jpg
Carlito Majesty Cover tkYL (3) (1).png
Calrito - See Tomorrow out now! tkYL.jpg
Shine 1 Cover tkYL.jpg
Carlito Chosen Hosted by Fat Joe Cover t
Carlito - What It Takes Cover v3 (Cover by Daniel  Guyton) Copy - Copy tkYL.png
Destiny Cover 2 Cartoon Other Computer 2
Make It Cover 2.1 w Blur 2018 S.N.B.JR.
Carlito's Way Cover [FINAL] 2 with Shado



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